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Don’t Forget to Talk to the Pharmacist

prescription drugsYou visit the doctor when you aren’t feeling well. In some instances, the physician will prescribe you a drug that they believe will alleviate or cure your symptoms. Typically, being prescribed a medication is nothing to worry about. The doctor writes the prescription, you get it filled, and you go home to start taking your pills.

In some cases, things don’t go as planned. You take your medication only to find that it causes severe side effects. While you had planned on perhaps a headache, you were not ready for what you are dealing with. But you should have been.

When a drug company or medical provider fails to provide adequate warning with regard to a possible side effect of a medication, the responsible party can be held legally liable for any injuries or complications caused by the medication. While all of these instances can’t be prevented, there are steps you can take to help ensure that you aren’t harmed by a prescription drug. The best thing you can do is this: Talk to the pharmacist.

1. Does Everything Match Up?

Before you walk out of the pharmacy, confirm with the pharmacist that the medication and its dosage were the ones written by the doctor. If something doesn’t match up, the pharmacist can investigate the issue and make the necessary changes.

2. How Do You Dose the Medication?

This is a good question to ask if you aren’t sure of the proper dosing method. For example, you don’t want to rely on a spoon from your kitchen drawer if the medication is liquid. You run the risk of either under- or overdosing the medication. Ask for the right tools to use with your prescription.

3. Are There Tamper-Proof Caps Available?

If you have children in the house, you should always ask for tamper-proof or child-proof lids for your medication. These certainly aren’t a guarantee, but they will make it more difficult for your child to get into the bottles.

4. What Side Effects Can I Expect?

You won’t know if a side effect of your medication is common or “normal” unless you ask your pharmacist. Most of us don’t read the literature that comes with medication. Is it normal to experience a headache? Should you expect to become dizzy? Your pharmacist can let you know what side effects require immediate medical attention.

No one expects to become ill or experience severe medical reactions when they take a prescription medication but it can happen. When a drug manufacturer or medical provider fails to warn a patient about possible interactions or side effects, they can be held accountable. Patients who experience serious side effects or issues when taking a prescription drug may be able to join a class action lawsuit or file one of their own.

If you have experienced issues with a prescription medication in Charlotte, reach out to our office. We have a team of attorneys that are ready to assist you. Call today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation.

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