Lake Wylie Boating Accident Lawyer

Located in part North Carolina and part South Carolina, Lake Wiley is one of the largest lakes in the Carolinas and is home to hundreds of avid boaters and jet skiers. Smaller than the NC giant, Lake Norman, Lake Wiley is home to a more rural community and quieter atmosphere. Despite that, thousands of people take to the water each year either to boat, Jet Ski, or just swim.

Unfortunately though, even when having fun and following all of the safety rules, just like when driving a car, you can’t control those around you, and can be seriously injured while just minding your own business.

Why You Need an Experienced Boating Accident Lawyer

  • Investigation – Unlike land based accidents, accidents on the water or difficult to investigate.
  • Complex laws – Depending the on the location and nature of the waterway, your case can be subject to state or federal maritime laws
  • Locating Insurance coverage – Boats are not subject to the same insurance requirements and reporting.

Auger and Auger – The Boating Accident Lawyers

The lawyers at Auger & Auger have over 20 years handling injury and accident claims in the Carolinas.  We are familiar with the complex state and federal law governing boating accident claims.  When we are retained to help a client or their family member, we immediately begin our investigation.  We will contact the investigating officers, examine the watercraft, speak with witnesses and locate all applicable insurance coverage.

Frequent Causes of Boating Accidents

In a large body of water like Lake Wiley, the most common cause of injury is caused by the  negligence of the operator in:

  • Failing to pay attention and keep a proper lookout
  • Travelling too fast
  • Failing to follow the maritime laws
  • Failing to have proper training and instruction in operation of the watercraft
  • In operating the watercraft under the influence of alcohol (BUI)

According to the 2012 US Coast Guard boating accident report, more people are killed or injured on an open motor-boat than any other form of watercraft, followed by jet skis, yachts, canoes, and then pontoon boats.

A negligent driver may back into you with his or her propeller, run you over, or hit your boat or Jet Ski, causing you injury and/or property damage.

Free Consultation and No Fee Unless Recovery

We offer free consultations on boating accident claims. When you contact our office, you will speak with one of our experienced boating accident lawyers, not an assistant or paralegal. If we take on your case, we will not charge a legal fee until and unless we make a recovery on your case, whether by jury verdict or out of court settlement.