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DUI Driver Sentenced to Prison for Fatal Wreck

August 20th, 2014

Paul Miller was driving his cab down Woodlawn Road the night of May 3, 2013. His vehicle was hit by Justin Miller, who ran from the accident and was driving on a suspended license due to a DUI the month before.  Paul Miller died that night in an ambulance while on the way to the hospital.  Reports indicate that at the time of the crash, Justin Miller was driving in excess of 65 mph in a 35 mph zone.

When J. Miller was taken into custody, he blew a .19 according to local police.   Now, 15 months later, that lapse in judgment is sending the one-time Queens University student to prison for several years. J. Miller pled guilty to the crime of second-degree murder as a result of the crash that sent P. Miller flying from his car in the collision.

As is often the case with accidents, the damage done goes far beyond the most obvious injuries and fatalities. Families will always grieve the loss of loved ones and the injured will carry the very real pain and the remaining scars for the rest of their lives.  We are here to listen to you and answer your questions no Read more

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Head-On Collision Leaves Two Hospitalized

August 18th, 2014

Authorities have not yet released much in the way of details regarding an early afternoon collision in Charlotte N.C. that shut down a section of busy road Sunday. The incident occurred at around 2 p.m. when an on-duty officer noticed a gold Ford Taurus driving erratically. When the officer switched on his sirens and light to indicate that the driver should pull over, they instead sped up drove away. The officer disengaged from the pursuit.

Shortly thereafter the officer witnessed the gold Ford Taurus cross the double-yellow line and run head on into a Nissan Sentra. Both vehicles sustained serious damage and local firefighters had to be called in to assist with removing both drivers from the wrecked cars. Both drivers have been transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for injuries, their condition has not been released.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed, in a car, motorcycle or truck accidents, or any other serious personal injury claim, you don’t have to go through such difficult situations alone. With over 20 years of experience, the attorneys at Auger & Auger are here to listen to you and answer your questions. Call our offices today Read more

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Fatal Crash on Morehead Road

August 13th, 2014

A Wednesday morning crash in Cabarrus County proved fatal after a truck and motorcycle collided on Morehead Road.  According to initial investigation reports, Brandon Reese, who was driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck with trailer, pulled out in front of Kyle Landon Dean who was riding his motorcycle.  Dean ended up striking the back of Reese’s trailer, and the motorcycle went down.  Both driver and passenger of the pickup were also injured in the collision.  Local EMS crews transported them to a local hospital where they were treated for non-serious injuries and released.

Difficulties can arise at any time for any person when operating a vehicle. Weather, defective machinery and a thousand other factors can all lead to unexpected accidents. Such occurrences can have far reaching, as well as unforeseen, consequences that may not be apparent immediately. When an accident occurs, it is time to contact a professional to represent you, whether it is a difficult claim with insurance or an injury or even a case of liability for damages. And if you or a loved one has been injured or a loved one killed, in a motor vehicle accident or any other serious personal injury claim, we can help. Read more

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EPA Release Well Fire Report

August 9th, 2014

The report has come out on the result of the Pennsylvania State Environmental Protection Agency investigation into the Chevron Gas well fire back in February.  It was this blaze that killed worker Ian McKee, a 27-year-old field technician from Morganstown who worked for Cameron, a contractor for Chevron Gas.  McKee and another worker were on the well pad site when something went disastrously wrong.  The DEP reported that a well head assembly discharged an improperly secured lockpin.  The report theorized that this malfunction is what may have caused the ignition and subsequent fire.

When these accidents happen that is when the services of professionals, like the personal injury specialists of Auger & Auger, Attorneys at Law, are needed. With a policy of aggressive representation for victims of personal injury, a focus on high quality, state wide service and excellence in the advice we provide for our clients, the attorneys of Auger & Auger are here for you in your difficult and confusing moments of need. We understand that each person is different and will have unique needs, so we will personalize our services for you as we listen to your situation. So if you have been injured, contact the attorneys Read more

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Officer Saved by Helmet

August 5th, 2014

It’s highly possible that Officer Richard “Brad” Starnes’ life was spared because he was wearing a helmet at time he got into an incident with a driver that he pulled over, who ended up dragging him and running him over.

On Tuesday Officer Starnes pulled over a vehicle driven by Clay and Maurice Cash, and when they attempted to drive off Officer Starnes reacted, reaching into the vehicle to either take the keys or put the car in park.  At that time, one of the suspects pulled him into the car as it began taking off.  Officer Starnes managed to free himself, and the patrol car’s dash camera recorded how his helmet hit the pavement once he managed to free himself.

Officer Starnes suffered a broken leg in the accident.

No one plans on having an accident, or suffering injuries when they get into their vehicle to go to work or do their job, but accidents still happen every day, even when all precautions are taken. If you have been injured, be it in a car, motorcycle or truck accident, or any other serious personal injury claim, you don’t have to go through these difficult situations alone.

With over 20 Read more

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Winston-Salem Boosting Bicycle Safety

August 1st, 2014

Another bicyclist was injured in an accident on Thursday morning and now the city of Winston-Salem really wants to do something about it.  The city is focusing on bicycle safety and has plans in place to create more bike lanes and greenways as well as creating more shared lanes for both muscle powered and engine powered vehicles.  “The goal is to build a full network of bike lanes and greenways so that no matter where you’re going, you have the option of riding,” stated Matthew Burczyk, the Winston-Salem Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.   The city currently also has a bicycle safety class aimed towards elementary school children.  It is designed in this manner, so that the children will already be familiar with the safety rules and road hazards when they reach bicycling age.

When these accidents happen that is when the services of the law team of Auger & Auger, Attorneys at Law, are needed. With a policy of aggressive representation for victims of personal injury, a focus on high quality, state wide service and excellence in the advice we provide for our clients, the attorneys of Auger & Auger are here for you in your difficult and confusing moments of Read more

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Toddler Intentionally Struck With Bottle Thrown Out of Moving Vehicle

July 20th, 2014

Liz WestImagine walking down the street with your two year old son when a car drives by and intentionally throws a bottle of water at your toddler striking him in the face.  That is exactly what happened to a Lincolnton family on the 2700 block of Coral Drive.

The father describes the incident as pretty scary.  They thought the car, a silver Malibu, was slowing down as courtesy when a white man in his 20’s threw a half empty bottle of water directly at his two year old son striking him in the face.  The toddler was injured, sustaining bruising and cuts to his face.

Police have the bottle that was used in the assault and they are testing it for DNA evidence.  They may be able to get fingerprints or other DNA off of the bottle to identify the attacker.

Accidents like this one are frustrating because there are no real answers as to why someone would want do something so malicious.  If the person responsible for the attack is identified, he will be responsible for compensating the toddler and his family for injuries suffered in the attack.  This compensation may come from both the criminal court and civil Read more

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Survivors in Deadly Bus Crash Return to Say ‘Thank You’

July 17th, 2014

File:Preston Bus Preston Bus Station PN57NFC.jpgYou may remember a tragic bus accident that made headline news about a year ago in Jefferson County Tennessee.  Recently, a feel good story was also covered for this tragic event.

Nine months post-crash, the twelve survivors of the deadly bus crash traveled back to Jefferson County to thank all of the first responders and doctors who assisted in saving their lives.  The scene this day was so much different than the panic and chaos of nine months past.  Today, they simply wanted to say “thank you”.

Tears and hugs greeted the doctors, nurses, helicopter pilot, and others; all who all aided in saving the lives of the twelve survivors.  They also mourned the loss of the six who died on that horrific day when the church bus carrying the 18 passengers blew a tire on Interstate 40.

Tire blowouts are one of the most common reasons for accidents on the road.  Michelin reports approximately 535 fatalities and 23,000 collisions per year due to a tire blowout.

Preventative maintenance to tires is a necessity in reducing the chance of a blowout.  Make sure your tires are property inflated and monitor the wear and tear of tires.

The most common reason Read more

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Eight People Injured in High Speed Chase

July 14th, 2014

abardwellHigh speed chases are dangerous for everyone involved.  Many times police will abort a chase due to the danger it causes for other drivers on the road.  Sometimes though, these chases cannot be stopped and they can end in tragedy.

Recently, a Huntersville family, along with two police officers and two other people were tragically the victims in a chain reaction crash that was originally caused by driver trying to flee the police.

Jeffery Greene was trying to avoid capture after officers attempted to arrest him at the Days Inn in Cornelius.  He was wanted for felony warrants in three separate counties, including one in Mecklenburg County.

The police chase began on Interstate 77 in Cornelius and continued until it ended in Statesville when Greene lost control of his vehicle crashing into three other vehicles.  Joseph, Vickie and Brandon Serrone were seriously injured in the crash.  All three were from Huntersville.

Vickie Serrone suffered a fractured rib, punctured lung, lacerated spleen and a concussion.  Her son, Brandon suffered a broken eye socket and cuts to his side and back.

In all, eight people were injured as a result of the crash, including two police officers.  Miraculously no one was killed.  Read more

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Hand Blown Off in Fireworks Accident

July 13th, 2014

Traffic laws, safety regulations, and other rules to follow are there to keep people safe. Unfortunately, there are those who disregard those rules, and when they do, people get hurt. It may result in no more than a dented car, but these incidents can also cause injury and death. Repair costs and medical bills should not be the responsibility of the injured party, if the accident was caused by another. In such cases, legal compensation is not only fair, it’s a necessity.

Fire Rescue in North Catawba were called to a residence on Doyle Drive on July 4th.

A 52-year-old man was seriously injured when a mortar-style firework exploded, according to a Fire-Rescue captain.

The patient had to be flown by helicopter, because his injuries were severe. The captain believes he may have been taken to the Burn Center at North Carolina Baptist Hospital.

The captain also stated that the firework that caused the injury was illegal to use in North Carolina. He also encouraged everyone to leave fireworks to professionals and to attend a fireworks show, not light them in their backyards.

If you or a loved one have suffered injury due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, Read more

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