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Texting Drivers in North Carolina: Prepare to be Busted

December 19th, 2014

Texting while DrivingAs many drivers know, texting and driving is illegal in North Carolina. Distracted driving causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year, and this law is meant to curb those incidents.

You may have heard that you can only be pulled over for texting and driving if you are seen by an officer to be doing such. For many alert drivers, simply keeping an eye on the road for patrol cars is enough to keep them from getting busted. No longer.

Troopers in North Carolina are stepping up their game. Plain-clothesed police officers have taken to riding the streets in North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to spot testing drivers.

Here’s what happens: A police officer in an NCDOT vehicle spots a driver texting. The officer radios to another officer in an unmarked vehicle further down the road. That officer, in turn, pulls over the offending driver and issues a ticket.

“We’re thinking outside the box and stepping up our game on the highways,” says 1st Sgt. Brett Snotherly.

Drivers may see this as a violation of their freedom of sorts or even entrapment, but this creative policing is simply meant to help save lives.

Texting and Driving Stats

According Read more

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Two Men Shot Outside of Bistro

December 17th, 2014

handgunRaleigh, N.C. – Early Saturday morning, December 13, 2014, two men were shot outside of Thaiphon Bistro located on Glenwood Avenue.

Officers responded after being called to the area just after three in the morning. According to those on scene, Hasson Harris, 36, received a bullet wound to the leg, and Emiliano Dunton, 24, was shot in the neck. Both of the injured parties were taken to WakeMed for emergency medical treatment.

Keyon Evans, also 24, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. As of this report, Evans was being held on a $1 million bond.

Police say that all three men are from Oxford.

No witnesses to the shooting have come forward. The manager of the bistro told WRAL news reporters that there had been a comedy night Friday. Unfortunately, the manager did not see anything outside leading up to the shooting.

Anyone who has information about the shooting is being asked to call the Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-4357.

Injured by a Gun?

You do not have to be the target of a criminal to be injured by a gun. In today’s day and age, people Read more

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Cam Newton: Car Accident Leads to Injuries

December 15th, 2014

Cam NewtonCharlotte, N.C. – If you live in North Carolina, chances are you have heard of Cam Newton. The popular quarterback of the Carolina Panthers was injured in a vehicle collision just over a week ago near Bank of America stadium.

You may think that Newton would be thinking about returning to the game as soon as possible, but you would be wrong. Says Newton, “As far as when I’m coming back, who cares. That’s not something I’m worried about. I’m just thankful to have breath in my lungs so I can breathe again.”

Two small fractures in Newton’s lower back have sidelined him from the NFL for the foreseeable future. The injuries, similar to those that Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys suffered, saw Romo sidelined for only a single game. Newton has started rehabbing at BOA.

Newton updated coaches and fellow players before addressing the media.

“I’m just lucky to be alive,” said a grateful Newton.

During the press conference, Newton describe details of the accident. A driver pulled out in front of Newton, first slowing down and then speeding up, ultimately clipping the back end of Newton’s pickup truck. The truck was forced into a roll, crushing the Read more

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Police Accidentally Misreport Accident

December 14th, 2014

download (36)Today, we’re talking about an accident and the media.  It was nearly 7 am one morning near Providence High School in Charlotte.  Dawn was just breaking, and drivers were wiping the sleep from their eyes as kids were getting ready to start their day.

There was a three car wreck on Pineville-Matthews Road that morning, and the police initially thought that it was a student that was rushed to the hospital. That’s what they told the media anyway. It turns out that the authorities later retracted their statement to say that it was a driver of one of the vehicles who had gotten out of the car and was then hit.

The media has power, power which is not to be taken lightly.  Their reports might be the only ones that you receive about an accident, and, sadly, those reports might be wrong.  This is one of the reasons that it helps to have a well-trained personal injury attorney on your side.

Personal injury attorneys can help influence the judgment that is received, the jury (if it comes to that), and truly get to the core of a situation.  They have access to all the facts and know what the Read more

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Bruises Aren’t the Only Indicators of Child Abuse

December 12th, 2014

Children playingWhen your child is in the care of someone else, you are well within your rights to worry. After all, unless it is a family member, chances are you are putting your trust in a stranger. When you know how to spot the signs of child abuse, you are better able to judge if your child is being treated as he or she should during your time away.

Most people know to be on the lookout for bruises, scrapes, and cuts. Unfortunately, child abuse does not always manifest itself in physical ways. While it is true that some parents turn a blind eye to child abuse because they simply do not want to face the truth, others are simply unaware of what to watch for.

Emotional Signs

Children who have been abused may display emotional signs that range from subtle to severe. Little ones who have been or are being abused at daycare may refuse to get out of bed in the morning, may break down when it is time to go to daycare, or may put up a physical fight when it is time to go to the sitter.

Little ones who were once social may suddenly be shy Read more

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Know How to Spot Bad Nursing Homes

December 10th, 2014

Elderly woman + her viewWhen it comes time to consider a nursing home or assisted living center for a loved one, you want to be sure that you are choosing the right one. You will conduct research on how to find the right nursing home, but will you know how to spot a bad one?

You may find a handful of nursing homes that meet your criteria. You may meet with staff members that say all of the right things. Do not settle on a nursing home based on your initial research; dig deeper. Know how to spot a bad nursing home and you will be able to choose safely.

Avoid Nursing Homes With:

  • A High Turnover

When staff is unhappy, residents are unhappy. It really is that simple. While no nursing home will be staffed with the same people from the day it opens until the day it closes, you should be able to find several staff members who have been in it for the long haul. If the nursing home has a revolving door when it comes to its staff, look elsewhere.

  • History of Violations

Check out for nursing homes in your area. All you need to do is type in Read more

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5 Plane Crashes That Changed the Industry

December 8th, 2014

AirplanesFlying on a plane is typically safe. You have undoubtedly heard the statistics: You are far more likely to die in an automobile accident than you are to find yourself the victim of a plane crash. If you are like most people, that statistic doesn’t alleviate your fears.

Taking a ride on a plane, no matter how large or small, is something that causes anxiety in the hearts of many. Sometimes, knowing why something is so safe can help to ease your fears. Here are five plane crashes that helped to make flying less dangerous today.

1. Grand Canyon

You are on a plane and look out of your window. You see another plane off in the distance and thoughts of a midair collision immediately come to mind. More than 50 years ago, United Airlines Flight 718 and TWA Flight 2 collided over the Grand Canyon. The bad news is that hundreds lost their lives; the good news is that the accident was the reason the Federal Aviation Administration was created, and there has not been a midair collision since.

2. Portland

United Airlines Flight 173 carrying 181 passengers and circling the airport in Portland had a problem with the Read more

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Car Slide Kills Elderly Couple

December 7th, 2014

download (35)In most vehicle crashes, someone survives to tell the tale about what happened.  There are observers, witnesses, even if it’s simply a camera that was placed near the intersection.  In this case, there are no forthcoming reasons for explanations.

James and Kate, married and 94, were driving near the 800 block of West Charlotte Avenue in Mount Holly.  It was an idyllic day, no rain, probably a little chilly, but nothing out of the ordinary.

It was, however, the day for both of them.  Something made the car go out of control, and their car slid down an embankment.  Something made them veer off the road and land in a creek.

Unfortunately, the injuries that they sustained were too much, as they succumbed to those injuries at the scene of the accident, taking two legends away.  Our thoughts go out to their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Sometimes, we’re destined not to know the real reasons behind the crash, just to know that two people who were married longer than most people have been alive were killed.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash or your vehicle accidentally veered off the road and out of your control, please Read more

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Man Killed When Scooter Hit By Car

December 5th, 2014

2011 GIO 500W Electic Scooter: First Thoughts11/29/2014 – A young man has been killed in an accident involving his scooter and a car.

Saturday night, Atilio Vasquez, a 22-year-old man, was killed when the scooter he was driving on Glenwood Avenue was struck by a car driven by Chun Evans. Evans failed to reduce the speed of his vehicle, striking the scooter and killing Vasquez at the scene.

Evans and his passengers were not hurt in the collision.

Evans was arrested following the accident and charged with death by motor vehicle (misdemeanor), simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The exact details of the accident are still under investigation.

Scooters in North Carolina

Under current North Carolina law, a moped or scooter is any two- or four-wheeled motorized vehicle that is unable to exceed speeds of 30mph and has an engine no larger than 50 cubic centimeters. Any motorized vehicle of this type that does exceed 30 mph is considered a motorcycle and must be registered as such.

In North Carolina, any person may legally drive a scooter on the roadway provided they are 16 years old. Drivers are not required to have a driver’s license, but they are required to wear a helmet. Read more

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Woman Struck and Critically Injured on Highway

December 3rd, 2014

Dresden to go (cc)11/29/2014 – A woman in Johnston County was struck by a vehicle and critically injured.

The accident on Business Highway 70 is still under investigation. According to news reports, a woman was walking in the westbound lane of the highway when she was struck by the car.

People witnessing the accident describe the woman as being thrown several feet. The car’s windshield was shattered. No further details about the accident or the woman’s condition have been released at this time.

Break Down Safely

While the details regarding why the victim of this accident was walking on the highway are not immediate clear, one thing is certain, people break down on the highway and other roads daily. If you should experience a flat tire or vehicle failure, it is imperative that you keep yourself safe no matter what road you are on.

1. Call for Help

If you are able to do so, call for help. If you have roadside assistance, make that your first call. You should also call a friend, relative or co-worker and alert them to the situation. If you do not have roadside assistance, call the police.

2. Stay with Your Vehicle

Staying with your vehicle is Read more

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