How to Avoid Propeller Injuries

Author: Auger Law | November 6th, 2015

scuba divers near a sunken shipIt is rare, but it does make news. A person falls overboard and is struck by a propeller of a boat. While these stories are tragic, they also serve as a reminder of the danger of these types of accidents.

Here are some interesting facts: The average spinning propeller can strike your body 160 times in one second. It takes the average recreational propeller less than one tenth of a second to travel the length of your body. Perhaps the most important fact of all is that propeller accidents are avoidable.

Protect Yourself

  1. Always wear your life jacket along with your boat’s engine cut-off switch lanyard. If you fall and the lanyard is pulled from the switch, the boat’s engine shuts off.
  2. If people are in the water, make sure there is someone keeping an eye on the propeller at all times.
  3. Purchase safety devices made specifically for propellers.

Safety Tips

  1. Always walk the length of your boat and check around it to make sure no one is in the water nearby when you start the engine. If there are people in the water, kindly let them know that you plan on starting your boat.
  2. Your engine should be turned off completely before you allow people to enter or exit your vessel.
  3. Make sure that each person aboard your boat knows exactly where the propeller is located.
  4. Do not allow anyone to sit anywhere on your boat where there is a danger of falling overboard.
  5. Never operate your boat in swimming zones. Be especially vigilant when you are boating in congested areas.
  6. If someone does fall overboard, stop the engine immediately. Your boat’s momentum alone will give you enough power to turn around and move toward the person for a rescue.

Propellers are dangerous mechanisms. Always be aware of each person on your boat and if someone should fall overboard, take the proper precautions before attempting a rescue. Understanding propeller safety will help to ensure that everyone gets back to shore without injury.

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