Best Summer Motorcycle Routes in North Carolina

Author: Auger Law | June 22nd, 2018

Open roads for great bike ridesPart of the thrill of riding a motorcycle is being able to cruise over the open road and take in beautiful scenery. There may be no other better way to take in your surroundings than a bike ride. On a bike there is nothing separating you and your location and some people say that is the freedom they love and feel when they are on their motorcycle. If you are looking for some info on cool motorcycle routes in North Carolina, you are in luck. Here are some great rides to take if you are looking for some new ideas.

1. Deal’s Gap

This route is also known by its other, perhaps more popular, name: Dragon’s Tail. If you start in North Carolina, you will be in Tennessee before your ride is over. You can catch the road in Tapoco, NC and take it all the way into Tallahassee, TN. You’ll drive near the Smoky Mountains, beautiful forests and navigate no fewer than 318 curves. The road is a challenge that is better left to someone who has experience on their bike; new riders beware.

2. Blue Ridge Parkway

This is another two-state route. The Blue Ridge Parkway will take you from North Carolina into Virginia. There are two places to start the route in North Carolina: Asheville and Cherokee. As you are riding, you will be able to take in the sights of the Smoky Mountains in the south and several historic sites to the north.

3. The Copperhead Loop

Look for the beginning of the loop near the Asheville Regional Airport on Interstate 26. Take Exit 40 towards the airport, head toward Brevard and make your way to the Pisgah Forest. You’ll only travel three roads on this loop, making it an easy one to remember. Riders on the loop will see Davidson River, Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock, just to name a few sites. There are several places to stop along the route if you are feeling like a shutter bug.

4. The Cherokee Run

Take US 19 South and then one of three choices: U.S. Highway 441 North, U.S. Highway 441 South or U.S. Highway 74 west. Any of the choices will lead you down roads that are full of scenic and beautiful roads. Keep an eye on your speed because of the road quality! This ride is a good one for someone gearing up for the Tail of the Dragon route.

5. Devil’s Whip

Find Pleasant Gardens, NC and you can start this ride which will have you climbing to 2500-ft elevation. As you ride, be sure to take in the beautiful water and lovely views of Mt. Mitchell. Riders enjoy this route because once you get past residential areas; there isn’t much else but plenty of road. If you are looking for a ride that has you feeling like it’s just you and the road, this is the one for you. Get something to drink and gas up because there is nowhere to stop past the golf course.

6. Full Day of North Carolina Twisties Loop

This ride will take you through 133 miles of some of the most challenging asphalt in the state. You will find yourself on Highways 23, 107, 64, 281 and 276 during your ride. You will ride through the Nantahala National Forest and be pleasantly surprised at how well the roads are kept. Your smooth ride will take you down Highway 276 which is full of some of the most twists available on any loop.

7. The Coastal Huggin’ NC 12

If you want to do this ride from one end to the other, you’ll have to use the Ocracoke Ferry. If you don’t want to maneuver your bike onto the ferry, you can start in the middle and head either north or south. The middle point is in Whalebone. As you ride along NC 12, you’ll be treated to the sight of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercoastal Waterway. You’ll see tourists enjoying what our state has to offer as well as some gorgeous sand dunes. There are a ton of tourist attractions along this route which means you can easily make a day of it.

8. Old Liberty Road

Sometimes you don’t want to ride for hundreds of miles and you don’t want to be gone for hours. If you are looking for a fun little ride, this is the one. Old Liberty Road stretches for only 17 miles, making it perfect for a jaunt in the evening after a long day at work. If you’re in the mood for farmland and pastures, take this ride. Take Old 220 north from Asheboro and turn right onto Old Liberty Road. Enjoy the ride to Liberty, NC and back.

9. Back Country Church Roads

53 miles packed with scenery is what you will find on this route. In Durham, you’ll take Erwin Road, W. Cornwallis Road and Walnut Grove Church Road. W. Cornwallis Road changes names a few times so don’t be alarmed thinking you made a wrong turn. You’ll see several churches along the way as well as forests, fields and little towns. Take the ride when the weather is clear and you’ll be treated to dozens of pleasant sights.

10. Quiet Country Ride

Here’s another route to take if you are looking for a relaxing ride through the countryside. 77 miles along Route 157 north and through the towns of Elfland and Cedar Grove and up to Roxboro. You’ll eventually loop back to your starting point in Durham. Streams, small lakes and twisting farm roads highlight this route through the sleepy countryside.

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