Boating During the Cold Weather

Author: Auger Law | September 30th, 2015

safety measures of fishing during winterAs the temperatures begin to drop to more comfortable levels, we are reminded that winter will soon be upon us. While some boaters will pack it in for the season, others will brave the cold temperatures and head out on the water in hope for at least one more good haul. If you are planning on fishing during the cold weather months, there are some things that you need to consider in order to stay safe.

Buoys Will Change

The U.S. Coast Guard replaces aid-to-navigation buoys with ones that are more basic. Strong winter storms can damage buoys, and the smaller ones are less susceptible to damage. These buoys can be tricky to see in storms or low-light conditions. Be prepared to rely on your navigation system more than you do in the summer.

Float Plan

It is even more important to file a float plan when temperatures drop. You do not want to be stranded on the water when the air and water are colder than you are used to. Tell at least one person where you are going and how long you will be gone. Make an agreement that you will text that person as soon as you get back to land.

Charge the Batteries

Batteries are more prone to losing their charge in cold weather. Pack an extra battery for your cell phone and any other device that needs juice to run. Use your electronics as little as possible to extend their life. If you have to use them, by all means do so, but now is not the time to play Angry Birds while you drift down the lake.

Fashion Show

Boating in cold weather requires that you wear the proper clothing. Remember that it is always colder on the water than it is on land. Water also takes the heat from your body faster. Wear several layers of clothing and pack a few more. Be sure to wear your life jacket over your clothes as well.

If you are gung-ho about boating during the cold weather months, use your head. Dress for the weather, tell friends and family where you will be going, and make sure that your boat is in good repair. When you take the time to do these things, your trip is more likely to be a good one.

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