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Boating Safely with Your Children

Children are wearing life jackets on boatWhen you take your children in the car, you make sure they are secured into the proper restraint system. When you brought your new bundle of joy home, you made sure your house was baby-proof. Boating with infants and toddlers is no different.

Before you step aboard the boat with your little ones, you need to prepare for travel by following tips such as:

Childproofing Your Boat

Just like you made your house baby and toddler-proof, do the same to your boat. Look for any loose or dangerous objects and secure them properly. Topside equipment should be placed out of reach of interested hands. The same goes for safety gear like flares and flare guns. Areas where your safety gear is stored should be off limits to your little ones.

Be alert to trip and fall hazards on your vessel. Anything that you need to use regularly should be within your grasp, but not that of your child. Don’t forget to get down to your child’s level and cruise around your cabin. This is a great way to spot things that you may have missed.

Life Jackets

Life jackets made for adults are not safe for children. Make sure that each child has their own safety vest that has been properly fitted. If you plan on allowing friends and family to bring their children on board, make having a life vest on a requirement.

Food and Fluids

When you are traveling with kids in tow, make sure that your cooler is packed with plenty of fluids and snacks. Water, fruit juices, fruits, and granola bars are great choices. Remember to have a sippy cup or two on board and, if necessary, a few bottles.

Diaper Bag

You know all of those essentials you have in your diaper bag? They need to be on your boat as well. Some parents choose to pack a separate diaper bag and keep it on board at all times. Packing a few plastic shopping bags will ensure that you have a place to store wet items.


Your children aren’t going to be impressed by the sunset. In fact, they may not be impressed by the boat ride. Bring along some entertainment in the form of bathtub books and any toys that can stand up to water.

Boating with children does not have to pose a threat to anyone if you prepare properly. Follow these tips to make sure your family outing is just as pleasant as the ones you take for two.

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