Dealing With the “Other” Insurance Company – Don’t Take Their Call

Author: Auger Law | November 28th, 2017

Car damaged in an accidentYou’ve been involved in a car accident. You are understandably stressed out and maybe even anxious. In the days that follow, you have a lot to deal with. The last thing you need is a phone call from the other party’s insurance adjuster, but it could very well happen.

One of the first questions people have when they get this phone call is whether or not they have to provide information. The short answer is “no.” There is nothing legally binding you to give the other person’s insurance company any information at all. So why do they call?

The Investigation

Most insurance companies will attempt to sort out liability when the police report has become available. To do this, they will speak with their own insured and often reach out to the other party involved (YOU). This is especially true when those involved in the accident and the witnesses who saw the whole thing happen give conflicting accounts. If a police report is unclear, the insurance company will certainly try to speak to additional witnesses or parties that may have additional information.  One of the ways that insurance companies are profitable is by being very good at investigating claims and looking for information that may help them pay little or nothing on a claim.

Let’s say that you were rear-ended by a vehicle. The police arrive and you give your side of the story. You were stopped in the turn lane with your signal on when the driver behind you crashed into your bumper. The other party tells the police that you were in the lane of travel and didn’t have your turn signal on. They also say that you stopped abruptly and they had no time to stop. No one else saw the accident. In this case, you can almost assuredly expect a phone call from an adjuster that is looking for information that they may try to use against you to deny your claim.

Your Insurance Company Versus The “Other” Company

When you are involved in an accident, you will want to cooperate as much as possible with your own insurance company. In fact, your cooperation may be required as outlined in your policy. You do not, on the other hand, have any obligation to speak with the other driver’s insurance adjuster. In most cases, it is in your best interest not to.

If you are called by an insurance adjuster that insures the other driver, politely decline to give them any information. Your next step would be to call an experienced car accident attorney in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas. Keep in mind that anything you say to the adjuster could be used against you in their decision to pay out the claim or, worse, in court should you file a personal injury lawsuit.

If you have been involved in an accident in Charlotte, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys is here for you. We understand what you are going through, and we will use our knowledge and experience to fight for your rights. Call our office today to schedule a free case evaluation. Let us review the details of your accident and help you make the best decisions moving forward. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.

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