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Feeling Tricked by the Adjuster? You Aren’t Alone

damaged front end of a car after an accident After an accident, you will be dealing with many things and multiple people. One of those people will probably be an insurance adjuster, and you could very well come away from the meeting feeling as though you have been taken. You wouldn’t be the first.

Insurance companies don’t stay in business by paying out the maximum settlement for every claim they receive. While you may come across a friendly, helpful adjuster, chances are more likely that you will deal with an adjuster who has their company’s interests foremost in their mind. Here are a few tricks to watch out for.

1. Loaded Questions

An insurance adjuster may ask you loaded questions. Be wary of this. They may try to discuss the accident with you and shift blame onto you rather than their insured. Refrain from discussing the accident with an adjuster!

2. Delaying the Case

The adjuster you deal with may try several tactics to delay your claim. The reasons are twofold: you may become so frustrated with the process that you accept their low settlement offer and they could delay you for so long you miss deadlines. If you feel as though an adjuster is delaying your case purposely, seek out an attorney.

3. Spying

Have you ever felt as if someone was watching you? If you’ve been in a car accident, you might be right. Insurance adjusters have been known to try and catch car accident victims performing physical activities in order to deny their claim.

4. Asking for Medical Records

An adjuster may ask you to provide medical records for any treatment you sought after the accident. While this may seem innocent and reasonable, there may be a clause in the paperwork you sign that allows the adjuster access to all of your medical records. Again, you are under no obligation to provide this information.

5. Telling You a Lawyer Isn’t Necessary

If an adjuster tells you that you can settle your claim without the assistance of an attorney, be careful. Keep in mind that they are looking out for their company. If they start telling you that you don’t need an attorney, you almost assuredly do.

If you have to deal with an insurance adjuster following a car accident, always be wary. While some are truly good people, others will do anything they can to delay or deny your claim. If at any point you begin to feel as though you are being taken for a ride, consult with an experienced attorney.

After a car accident in Charlotte, you have legal rights. Reach out to our personal injury attorneys to discover more about what those rights are. Unlike an insurance adjuster, we work for you. We will defend your rights in court if necessary and help you achieve the best settlement possible. Call our office today to schedule your free case evaluation and let us help you make the best decisions for your situation.

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