Frequently Occurring Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Author: Auger Law | June 3rd, 2015

common injuries in car wreckCar accidents occur every day. In fact, there are over six million accidents each day across the United States. People involved in these accidents are injured in a variety of ways, but some injury types occur the most frequently. According to claims filed with insurance companies and lawsuits filed in courts, these the most common injuries resulting from car accidents are:

Brain and Head

Injuries to the brain and head top the list of complaints after an auto accident. These injuries can be as mild as a scrape and as severe as traumatic brain injury. Do not assume that you are not injured if you feel fine. Some injuries are not apparent until the endorphins have worn off and the pain sets in.


Neck injuries include whiplash and disc injury. In most impacts, your neck is thrown forward and then back again. In side impacts, your neck is thrown from side to side. These rapid movements can cause strains, sprains, and severe injuries resulting in anything from mild discomfort to paralysis.


Depending on the direction of impact, your back may be injured in various areas. Two of the most common back injuries are cervical and thoracic, or upper and lower. You may experience a minor backache, or you may experience something as serious as a severed spinal cord. Be careful moving after an accident – sudden or incorrect movements can worsen back injuries.


Your face can be injured by any number of objects in your car. The steering wheel, air bag, dashboard, windshield, and even flying objects can cause injury to your face. Scrapes, abrasions, and bruises are typical. Dental, jaw, and bone injuries are more severe and may require extensive medical attention to repair.


Not all of your injuries will be physical. It is not unusual for people involved in car accidents to experience emotional distress and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Do not be afraid to seek counseling if you have emotional issues following an accident.

The severity of your accident has no bearing on your injury. Serious injuries can occur in the most minor of car accidents, and serious accidents may result in no injury at all. Do not assume that a minor wreck means that you do not need medical attention. If you feel any pain immediately after or in the days following an accident, seek the advice of a medical professional.

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