In Separate Incidents Two 2 Year Old Boys Attacked By Pit Bull Owned By A Grandparent

Author: Auger Law | November 15th, 2010

Pitbull DogA 2 year old boy was mauled by his grandmother’s pit bull last week in Robbinsville, North Carolina. According to the local sheriff, the little boys was playing in his grandmother’s yard while 5 of her pit bulls were running free.

The toddler suffered bits to his neck, stomach and legs, and is in Mission Hospital in critical condition.

Police say that felony child abuse charges could be issued.

Just three days later, a 2 year old boy in Henderson, Texas was fatally mauled by his grandfather’s pit bull. This little boy had also been playing in his grandfather’s yard when the pit bull, who had been chained to a tree, committed the fatal attack.

The district attorney’s office is continuing their investigation. A similar attack in the same county resulted in a conviction for criminally negligent homicide, as well as a successful civil suit for money damages against the dog’s owner.

It seems that far too often, we read about gruesome injuries inflicted by pit bull attacks. The truth is, any dog can attack, even the beloved family pet. The lesson in these two cases is that a young child should never be left alone with a dog. With breeds such as pit bulls, North Carolina law allows the owner of such an animal to be held responsible for knowing the general propensities of the breed.

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