Potential Insurance Tactics to Minimize the Value of Your Claim

Author: Auger Law | November 8th, 2017

couple looking at paperwork with attorney or insurance representativeWhen you are in a car accident, you are understandably upset. You may achieve some level of comfort when you realize that an insurance company may be able to compensate you for your damages. In some instances, insurance companies aren’t willing to do that. Some companies will use every trick in the book to reduce the amount that they compensate you and some may try to avoid giving you any compensation at all. Here are 10 things to look out for.

1. Not Covered?

In some instances, an insurance company may try to claim that your accident is not covered.  In some cases, they may be correct.  However before giving up it is best to be on the safe side and speak to an attorney about the facts of your accident.  Attorneys are trained to navigate insurance coverage issues.

2. They’re Watching?

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? In some cases insurance companies will do a thorough investigation of your claim which may include them spying on your activities.  Additionally insurance companies are notorious for looking at social media to see if you have talked about your accident or injuries.  They may try to use this information to fight liability or the amount of damages you are claiming.

3. Downplaying Injuries

Insurance adjusters aren’t your doctors, but they may act as though they are specifically familiar with your injuries. If an insurance adjuster tries to downplay your injuries, don’t let them. They are only trying to lessen the amount of your claim.  Please consider hiring a lawyer to communicate with the insurance company on your behalf before speaking to anyone from any insurance company.

4. Delays

An insurance company may try to delay making a decision regarding your claim. If you feel as though you are getting the run around from an insurance company, you may be. Contact an attorney to see if they can advise you as to what the insurance company may be doing.

5. Blame Game

Fault or liability are issues for Courts to decide. Don’t discuss the facts of the accident with anyone from any insurance company. They may try to use your own words against you.

6. Forcing You to Talk

Again, it’s in your best interest not to give a statement to any insurance company or their representatives. If for some reason you are required to give a recorded statement, do so with a lawyer by your side.

7. Making You Feel Like You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Successful insurance adjusters are those that can move claims fast and for as little as possible.  Why would they want you to hire an attorney? Insurance companies are very good at communicating to claimants in ways that may make them feel trust for the insurance company or the lack of a need for an attorney. Hiring a lawyer is your decision and your right.  Don’t let them make that decision for you.

8. Asking for Info 

Giving information to an insurance company can be harmful to your potential claim(s).  If you are asked for information, speak to an experienced accident attorney before giving any information to an insurance adjuster.

9. Requesting Your Medical Records

Do not provide an insurance company with signed releases that allow them the ability to get your medical records.  Your attorney will provide the insurance company with the necessary medical records that they will need to assess your claim.

10. Being Themselves

An insurance company makes money selling policies, collecting premiums and by paying claimants as little as possible for their claims.  They have the resources and know-how to limit the amount of money that they will pay on a claim.  Speak to an experienced injury attorney about the process and let them deal with the insurance company.

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