Jet Ski Accident Leaves Teenagers Injured

Author: Auger Law | June 22nd, 2015

Jet skis are exciting and time spent on the open water is a fantastic way to waste a beautiful day away. Unfortunately, fun and excitement turned to fear and tragedy for three siblings on Lake Norman.

Two jet skis crashed into one another on the lake Wednesday afternoon. A jet ski carrying only its driver crashed into a second jet ski being ridden by a driver and a passenger. The passenger on the second jet ski suffered injuries to his back and leg. The three people involved in the crash are siblings.

Neighbors close to the lake heard the crash and the siblings screaming and called emergency services. The injured 18-year-old passenger was brought to shore by the driver of the opposite jet ski, also 18. Paramedics rushed the injured teen to Carolinas Medical Center.

The male teenager suffered a broken pelvis, a broken femur, and injuries to his back. North Carolina Wildlife Officer Scott Strickland said the boy should not have permanent damage to any part of his body. Strickland added that the injured male is lucky as the accident could have been fatal.

The jet skis crashed into one another around 6 p.m. according to first responders from Troutman Fire Department. Each person involved was wearing a life vest and it is known that no alcohol was involved in the collision. Life vests are required by law in North Carolina for all jet ski and boat passengers.

Executive director of The Lake Norman Marine Commission said, “Boating safety is our number one concern. We always recommend some kind of boater education class has been taken and passed the test.”

One jet ski-rental facility in Lake Norman goes so far as to send all customers a safety video and checklist prior to renting a jet ski. Information includes how to find safety equipment and how to operate the jet ski properly. Alex Bobyarchick, of Lake Norman Jet Ski Rentals, says that the most important jet ski safety tips is to always wear a life vest, drive as slowly as possible, and abide by the 150-foot wake law. The same goes for boaters.

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