Be Mindful of Airbags When Driving

Author: Auger Law | February 17th, 2017

Employ airbag while driving down the highwayCars today come with multiple safety features meant to protect occupants in a crash. What happens when one of those features is the thing that causes injury? If you aren’t at least somewhat familiar with how airbags respond in a crash, you could find yourself with injuries you wouldn’t have sustained otherwise.

When you are in a head-on crash, the airbag may deploy depending on how fast your car was moving at the time of the collision. When the airbag bursts from the steering wheel, it is at speeds over 100 MPH. Not only does the airbag come out at high speeds, but it is covered in the chemicals that help it deploy and is hot. Imagine a hot beachball covered in chemicals rushing toward your face at speeds higher than a professional fast pitch.

Once the airbag deploys, it only stays inflated for a second or two. The bag will deflate almost immediately and leave the cabin of your car filled with dust and those chemicals that help it escape your steering wheel. These chemicals can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

In some cases, people are injured because an airbag deploys when it should not. For example, if an airbag sensor is bad, an airbag can employ while you are driving down the highway. In other cases, the crash sensor is malfunctioning and causes the airbag to deploy too late. No matter the reason, thousands of people have been injured by airbags that did not work properly.

It is important to note that people can be injured by airbags that are working exactly as they should. When this occurs, the driver may be found to be responsible for their own injuries depending on the situation. For instance, airbags are meant to work in conjunction with seat belts. Your seat belt holds you to the seat in a crash, and the airbag protects your head as it moves forward. If you aren’t wearing a seat belt in a crash, you could suffer serious injury from an airbag.

People have also been injured by airbags because they were sitting too close to the steering wheel. In other accidents, people were leaning over the wheel or reaching for something when they crashed and the airbag deployed. This, again, can cause severe injury. Experts recommend sitting as far back from the steering wheel as is physically comfortable for driving. Avoid leaning over the steering wheel while driving at all times. Sitting back in your seat with your seat belt buckled is the safest driving position, and be sure that your passengers are also buckled up.

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