Most Common Accidents on Construction Sites

Author: Auger Law | September 28th, 2016

Avoiding accidents during constructionIt is widely known that construction works face a variety of hazards each time they step onto a work site. Statistics have shown that four out of every 100 workers will be hurt on the job annually. Deaths in this industry account for 18 percent of all work-related fatalities that occur yearly. Some of the most common causes of accident include:

1. Falls

Construction workers often work in high places. They may balance on scaffolding, climb ladders or work on roofs. Falls account for 34 percent of all work-related fatalities among construction workers.

2. Electrocutions

In addition to working in high places, construction workers frequently work with exposed wiring. These men and women also work near power lines and unfinished electrical systems. Coming into contact with any of these things can cause anything from a mild shock to deadly electrocution.

3. Falling Objects

Projects that have multiple levels pose a threat of falling objects. Heavy tools, materials used for building and other debris can fall from above, striking workers who are on the ground.

4. Getting Caught

There is heavy machinery on construction sites. There are also different types of equipment, including vehicles. Getting caught between pieces of equipment and stationery objects can happen quickly. This can cause crushing and other types of injuries.

5. Overexertion

Working for long hours performing physical labor is taxing on anyone’s body. Working in hot and humid conditions can be deadly. Many workers will push through to get the job done. This can be a risky choice to make.

When construction workers are injured on the job, it affects them and the people they love. When workers are injured, they may be unable to return to the site. This means a loss of paycheck and, in turn, financial hardship. A construction injury can be truly life altering.

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