Reasons People Use to Skip Commuting by Bicycle

Author: Auger Law | August 19th, 2015

wrecked bicycleHave you ever wondered why more people don’t choose to commute to work or school by bicycle? It seems a valid option, particularly when living in a big city. You may think that people are just too lazy to pedal on two wheels instead of driving four, but you may be wrong. Here are the top five reasons people give for sticking with the car.


The number one reason often given is the danger factor. There is undoubtedly a risk associated with cycling, but it is far less than people may think. A group called Exponent conducted a study of cycling safety. The number of fatalities, per million of hours of exposure, was less for cycling than it was for driving.


Some have simply determined that they work or study too far away from home to make cycling a sensible option. This may be true, but successful commuters have determined that taking the bus or train halfway and biking the rest is an easy thing to do.


There is a general train of thought that goes something like this: “If I want to commute, I need an expensive bike.” This is not the case at all. Anyone interested should be able to find a new or used bike for under $500. Visiting a bike shop and speaking to someone knowledgeable can make choosing a budget-friendly bike easier.


No one can deny that riding a bike will make you sweat. Your office or school may not have a shower available for you to use. Have you thought of baby wipes? A couple of wipes and a bathroom stall are all you need to freshen up. You can also look for a gym or fitness club nearby that offers “shower-only” memberships.


This does have a bit of truth to it. Impotence is a risk among serious bike riders who race on bicycles with seats that are not properly fitted. Choose a bike with an ergonomically-designed seat and you will be fine.

Commuting to work by bicycle is not only healthy for the environment, it’s healthy for you. Don’t use these popular excuses to talk yourself out of cycling. There are ways around anything.

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