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Sharing the Woods with Hunters

Hunter in flare orange safety gearThroughout the country, fall is hunting season. Hunters are donning their camouflage and flare orange safety gear and heading into the woods. There are also a great deal of people that are simply heading outdoors to enjoy the crisp, fall air. While hunters are typically well-versed in the safety of the season, non-hunters may be a bit wary as they head into the forest and onto bike trails. Follow these safety tips for non-hunters to make sure that you and yours fully enjoy the outdoors.

  1. Make Noise

Do not sneak around in the woods. You don’t need to stir up every animal in the forest, but hunters should be aware of your presence. Talk in a normal tone of voice, whistle or sing.

  1. Bright Clothing

Hunters wear bright clothing so that they can see one another, and you should, too. Make yourself as visible as possible. Fluorescent yellow, green or orange are your best options. Avoid colors that will make you blend in with the trees.

  1. Hunting Season

Know when hunting season is being held in your area. Know the times that hunting is permissible. This can help you avoid certain areas and know when it is safe to enter others.

  1. Draw Attention

If you should hear shooting nearby, call out. A responsible hunter will want to know that you are in the woods. Once the hunter acknowledges your presence, be courteous and do your best not to scare the animals away.

  1. No Hunting Allowed

If you do not feel entirely comfortable in the woods during hunting season, go where hunting is not allowed. National and state parks do not always allow hunting and are safe for you and your family during the season.

  1. Remember Your Dog

Make your dog visible if you are taking it into the woods with you. Tie a bright bandana around its neck or put a bright dog sweater or vest on it.

You do not have to avoid the woods during hunting season, but you do need to know how to keep yourself safe. Follow these tips to share the great outdoors with hunters without the need to worry about being injured.

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