What Auger & Auger’s No-Fee Guarantee Means to You

Author: Auger Law | June 19th, 2019

Having to turn to a lawyer for help can be intimidating. You’ve been injured or lost someone close to you, as a result of a traffic accident, act of negligence or intentional malice. Now you need to rely on help from someone you have no experience with. The good news is that Auger & Auger is just the firm to have in your corner — without having to scrape up money you don’t have. That’s how much it means to us to have your business.   

What Our Guarantee Means to YOU

The A&A Zero Fee Guarantee™ is very important to our clients and our firm, and it is not just something we created as a marketing technique. It is a serious promise we make to you — so serious that we decided to create a separate and legally binding (trademarked) guarantee to those who retain our firm. We also specifically set forth this guarantee language in all of our client representation agreements.


Obviously, two things are inherent in the term no-fee guarantee: no cost (you have no out-of-pocket money to pay) and credibility (our guarantee that if we don’t win then we haven’t earned a fee). How does this work exactly?

Retainer vs. Retained

First of all, you don’t always need a retainer to hire a lawyer. Many people believe that to retain is synonymous with ‘making a down payment on services to be rendered.’ In fact, they are two different terms — therefore, a retaining agreement does not mandate a deposit or prepayment from a client.

Actually, it’s a choice the law firm can make at its own discretion. With Auger & Auger, we take what we consider to be the high road. We guarantee you owe us nothing until we win your case, and that our fees will be paid from the settlement we bring to the table. Bottom line, you are never out of pocket.

More than Words

When you retain our firm we start working right then — because that’s how we get the results that you need. Our guarantee assures you that we will work hard to earn our fees, and your respect.

Auger & Auger has been dedicated to exclusively practicing personal injury law and workers’ compensation for over 26 years. Our experience ranges from traffic accidents to dangerous drug litigation while representing clients throughout South Carolina.

Focus vs. To-Do-List

We don’t believe that just checking off the boxes is all we’re obligated to do. Auger & Auger goes the extra mile and fights the good fight, allowing you and your family to recover as we zero in on the best settlement possible for your needs and your losses.

Each client is given the personal attention of an attorney, from the initial free consultation to the final compensation agreement. We do not represent insurance carriers and large corporations, nor do we rely on relationships with them. Auger & Auger focuses on personal injury law for YOU!

We Want to be YOUR Advocate!

You can count on Auger & Auger’s experience, knowledge and resources to maximize the ultimate value of your case. If we win your case, the attorney fees will be deducted from the final settlement, so all the financial risk is on our shoulders, not yours.

You may reach us 24/7 at 800-559-5741 for a free attorney consultation to discuss your incident, make sure your medical needs are being attended to, and begin investigating the evidence required to prove your case.

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