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Strange Effects of Daylight Savings Time

old-clock-on-autumn-leaves-on-wooden-table-on-natural-backgroundDaylight savings time is approaching. Whether you love it or hate it, moving the hands on your clock is inevitable. While many people enjoy falling back instead of springing ahead, getting used to the time change can take days for some and weeks for others. Changing the clocks has a strange effect on the human body. In turn, those effects have an effect on the bigger picture. Here are five odd things that may be attributed to adjusting the time.

1. Car Accidents

The opinion that car accidents occur more often when the clocks change is both supported and refuted by experts. The general thought is that the circadian rhythms and sleep patterns of drivers are altered thanks to daylight savings time, increasing the risk of an inability to maintain alertness behind the wheel.

2. Workplace Injuries

People who are employed in more physical occupations may see an onset of more frequent injuries thanks to daylight savings time. That said, a rise in workplace accidents is typically seen in the spring and not the fall. This may be attributed to less sleep and increased drowsiness.

3. Heart Attacks

There was a team of Swedish researchers who began a study about heart attacks in 2008. The results of that study showed that the first three weekdays following daylight savings time in the spring saw an increase in heart attacks. Just like with workplace injuries, the same did not occur during the fall time change.

4. Cluster Headaches

Our circadian rhythms control the release of hormones that control our hunger levels, moods and need for sleep. When our rhythms are thrown out of whack, our bodies feel the difference. For some people, daylight savings time means an increase in chronic pain, including cluster headaches.

5. Cybersurfing

No, it isn’t life threatening, but an increased bout of websurfing could have an affect on your job. Employers report that the first Monday after daylight savings time is huge for loafing on the computer. This may cost employers thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Don’t fall into the trap. Spending countless hours online watching funny cat videos could be grounds for termination.

It may not be a scientific study, but ask anyone and they will likely tell you that they feel a bit “different” or “strange” when the clocks are adjusted. Daylight savings time is creeping up on us and while there is not much you can do to prepare for it, knowing the risks involved with the change can help you notice them more quickly.

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