What To Do After a Truck Accident

Author: Auger Law | January 11th, 2018

semi truck on the highwayWhen you are involved in an accident with a semi truck, the aftermath can be devastating. Semi trucks are a great deal larger than the average passenger vehicle and pack greater power behind their engines. If you have been involved in such an accident, there are steps you need to take in order to preserve your rights.

1. Call the Police

If you are able to, the first step to take is to call the police for help. Even if there is very little damage or you believe you aren’t injured, having a police report on file is important. Calling the police following an accident is also the law.

2. Get Medical Attention

In very serious accidents, you may be transported by ambulance or helicopter to a hospital for treatment. When your injuries aren’t as severe or you don’t believe you are injured, you may not seek treatment. This could be a mistake. You don’t know how you will feel tomorrow or even next week. Make sure you see a doctor and get checked out.

3. Stay Quiet

You may be contacted by the other party’s insurance company. In fact, you can almost count on it. Before speaking to any insurance company, especially one that works for the trucking company, call an experienced trucking accident injury lawyer.  Know your options before speaking to the insurance company!

4. Call an Attorney

You shouldn’t have to suffer financially following an accident with a semi truck. You may be entitled to money for medical bills, lost wages, future medical bills and pain and suffering.  Find out your rights!!!

An accident with a semi truck can be devastating. If you have been involved in such an accident, following the steps above will help to preserve your rights should you choose to pursue a case against the at-fault truck driver.

If you have been involved in an accident with a semi truck in Charlotte or a tractor trailer elsewhere, call our office. We will review the details of your accident during a no-cost case evaluation. If we believe we can assist you with your injury case, we will advise you of the next steps so you can start protecting your rights. Call today to schedule your case evaluation and discover more about how we can assist you and your family as you move forward with your lives.


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